Putting Decades Of
Real-World Experience To Work For You

Professional Guidance for Real Estate Transactions

Your home is the largest purchase and sale you will typically make in your lifetime. There’s a reason these transactions can be so complicated. However, these transactions can be complex, making it easy for buyers and sellers to make mistakes. When there are nuances and risks for errors, you need someone on your side who can help you understand and maneuver them effectively.

At McNeil & Associates, we combine legal knowledge and mortgage industry experience to help counsel and guide you through common real estate law challenges. A unique perspective from both sides can give you an advantage if you find yourself engaged in a dispute, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller.

We Can Help With Complex Real Estate Matters

Some of the things we can assist you with include:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase agreements
  • Reviewing land zoning policies
  • Drafting and reviewing additional contracts between buyers and sellers
  • Representing your interests during closings
  • Preparing and examining fund transfer confirmation documents

Having a real estate attorney for the purchase or sale of your home can help you smoothly engage with the process and reduce the risk of potential pitfalls along the way.

We can help. Contact McNeil & Associates today.